Pink Doll

Pink Doll is an exciting new ‘instant fashion’ start-up business based in Manchester UK.
The brief called for the creation of a distinctive and stylish logotype incorporating stunning colourways and eye catching imagery. The work shown here features a comprehensive branding guidelines booklet which has enabled the Pink Doll team to coordinate all their visual output from business stationery to clothing swing tags.

The collaboration with Pink Doll included the development of digital marketing strategies, a fully featured website, and an online store.

When we first asked Andrew if he would be interested in designing a logo for our new start-up business we really didn't know what to expect. We had a few basic ideas about a name but other than that we left him to it. What he produced was amazing! I have no idea how he managed to produce something so perfect and, although we didn't know it ourselves, something that is exactly what we were looking for. If you need some design doing Andrew is your man.
Ross Doherty
Co-founder | Pink Doll

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